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Law Enforcement Cabinet for Mid Size SUV

Law Enforcement Cabinet for Mid Size SUV

Law Enforcement Cabinets

Law Enforcement Cabinet Systems often include a front console cabinet which is used to hold communication equipment like radios, computer docking stations and security racks for guns. There are many vehicle cabinets manufacturers but there are only a few that stand out to this blog. Pugs Cabinet Systems manufactures high-quality vehicle cabinet systems for Law Enforcement and Security services all over the country.

Front Consoles for Law Enforcement

This front console system is used for emergency radios and computer docking stations for law enforcement and patrol officers to communicate with headquarters and dispatch as well as to communicate with computer systems. Front consoles often times have weapons locks for shotguns, rifles and other weapons.

Command Cabinets for police

These command cabinet systems typically have communication equipment and computer docking stations as well as electrical outlets for other equipment. The main component of a command cabinet is the command board along with plentiful storage options. Law Enforcement Command Cabinets allow Security and Law Enforcement Professionals situational awareness and access to communication equipment.  Kenwood and Motorola two-way radio solutions are both reliable and affordable.  They can connect command centers and first responders, employees and other emergency services personal to each other and their base or command center.

Weapons Storage Cabinet Systems

Storing and transporting your weapons is a serious mission for law enforcement and police departments. Many times police officers never need to use their weapons systems but all police departments need to be ready at a moments notice to respond to an emergency if it were to take place. In this situation, the officer has several options depending on the vehicle and the mission at hand.

Weapons Storage in Sedans

The most common place that law enforcement officers will store their weapons is in the trunk of their patrol sedans. Many cabinet manufacturers have designed cabinets that either hang from the deck of the trunk or sit on the floor of the trunk. The type of cabinet you can get will depend on the make and model and even perhaps the year of the vehicle it is going in. Another place that some law enforcement officers might want to store their weapons is in the cabinet very close to them. The weapons can be secured between the driver\’s seat and the passenger\’s seat or they can be secured behind the passenger’s seat.