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<p>Labyrinth is part collectible card game and part dungeon crawler. It's a bit like Card Dungeon.</p><p>Every combat is turn based and you use the cards from your deck to summon spells and launch attacks that will help you get further into the dungeon.</p><p>But the game's main attraction is that you're raiding other people's dungeon, that they've set up via their defensive decks.</p><p>Each player creates their own labyrinth that contains five encounters. If you lose, you won't give up gold but rank points, making it less frustrating according to the devs.</p><p>This means that if a player gets far enough into your dungeon, he'll be rewarded for making it this far and you'll be rewarded for defending it. Everyone's a winner then.</p><p>The game does have a lovely art style as seen in Polygon's gameplay video:</p>.


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