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<p>You know what we really don't need another of? A Mario sports game. Well what are we getting? Exactly that.</p><p>They must be selling like hotcakes - that's the only explanation for this bizarre turn of events - so Nintendo is releasing yet another one called Mario Sports Superstars next year on 3DS.</p><p>At least it doesn't feature Sonic, eh?</p><p>You can play football, baseball, golf, horse racing, and tennis with Mario and his crew - all of which can be played in single or multiplayer, local or online.</p><p>It's not going to be quite as ridiculous as previous Mario sports titles either - while you wouldn't go so far as to say it'll be a realistic simulation.</p><p>If you're excited, and can't bear to wait, I'd suggest you go and see a psychiatrist. Mario Sports Superstars will launch next year on 3DS.</p>.

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