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Command Cabinets – Emergency Vehicle

Command Cabinets – Emergency Vehicle

Custom Command Cabinets

Command cabinets are used in Emergency Vehicles and many facets of the emergency services industry along with other industrial uses like construction. Police, Fire & Rescue and well as many Emergency Medical Units all use some form of command cabinets. Many times Emergency services use command cabinets to command and control emergency operations like Fire & Rescue. An emergency situation procedures facility (EOC) is the main command and also control center in charge of executing the concepts of unexpected emergency readiness as well as emergency situation administration, or catastrophe administration features at a critical degree in an unexpected emergency scenario and also guaranteeing the connection of procedure of a firm, political SuperPAC or any other municipality. .

Quality is Paramount

Our dedication to quality is a key factor in our success in the emergency services up-fitting industry. We are constantly striving to build a better product for our customers because we know that every scene that they arrive on can be a matter of life or death to someone

CAD and CNC – Working together

During our design process, we use computer aided design (CAD) to ensure a perfect fit into every vehicle and we then cut our board material using a CNC machine to safeguard the machining process. All of our operators are fully qualified CNC operators with years of experience in building cabinet systems using these tools

Give California Cabinet Systems a call today

We look forward to hearing from you to ask questions regarding your cabinet system. We can help with your decision process or assist you with an old or troubles cabinet system from another manufacturer. Our philosophy is to help those who protect and serve in any way we can because they are the ones protecting us all.

California Cabinet Systems we are a premier provider of emergency cabinet systems for all branches of the emergency services industry. Our goal is to provide the highest quality cabinet systems in the market and best of all we stand behind our product 100%. We use the finest grade materials and utilize CAD ( Computer Aided Design ) to supply every customer with the best system on the market

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